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Hello Youth Basketball Supporter,

Handles x Buckets is a youth basketball program that is growing in Nashville and we are in the beginning stages of launching H x B into the Los Angeles and Orange County area. The ultimate goal is to see the program organically grow throughout the nation. With that hefty goal in mind we decided to build a foundation to help achieve our goals to help children all over the United States and the world. Through our Hoops x Hope Foundation We are looking for generous people and businesses to donate and sponsor program initiatives to continue to help us grow. That is where you come in. Before we get to that, I would like to share with you our story. 

Back in October of 2014, our family started H x B in an empty Nashville gym with just a few kids. Our motivation was to provide a quality product to every child regardless of their socioeconomic level. Our motivation has not changed. The reason that it was so important to our entire family was because it personally touched each of us. See, we had experienced economic hardship. When Tyger, our son that plays basketball for UCLA, first started playing, it was the generosity of the coach and other parents that allowed him to compete. We are beyond grateful for the opportunities that were afforded to him because of the kindness and selflessness shown to him. We all look back and remember the days that we would squeeze into our little car and drive to tournaments; we would find the closest Motel 6 and all six of us would share a room. Our family grew stronger and closer during these times. It was never fancy but it was worth it. Through our Handles x Buckets Program,  We are all committed to do the same and more for others.


Fast forward to today; Our Handles x Buckets program now is blessed to have ten league teams, eight competitive travel teams, four weekly skills clinics-year round, and we are recognized as one of the top training programs in the South.  With our program branching out to the West Coast, we hope to create a strong foundation in the LA area and Orange County area, The success and accolades that we have received are just a byproduct of our hearts. We are humbled by the success that our former players are experiencing: four of our former trainees are playing high major Division I college basketball with many more current trainees in high school headed in that direction.

Even with the tremendous word of mouth growth and success H x B has experienced, there is still so much more we want to accomplish.  We feel that we are just scratching the surface of where we can go. Now is the time to take our program to the next level, and we could use your support. 

Handles x Buckets has some short term goals that simple donations will help with now.  We also have some long term, very optimistic, (but realistic,) program initiatives, that we want to achieve over the next few years. One of those goals is to have the means to travel nationally with our more competitive travel teams. Along with that, we hope to keep our now young teams together through high school and eventually play on the Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour National tournament circuit. Another goal is to travel to other states or even other countries to provide camps and clinics for youth all over the globe. As we reach outward, our heart is still firmly grounded in our roots because our ultimate aspiration is to open and run a multi-court facility in the Nashville area and LA/Orange County area.  These facilities would be the Handles x Buckets home and a place where all kids can come and grow. We will hold our practices, training, academic assistance, and providing a safe place to grow. Also, we will be able to host local leagues and tournaments which will provide us opportunities to partner with businesses in the area and stimulate economic growth. We feel as though we are on the right track because of our family business motto:

“When you consistently do things the right way, for the right reasons, success is inevitable.”

There is another initiative that we are pursuing and it involves giving children an opportunity to participate in the “Tyger’s Den.” This will be a chance for a child and a family member to experience a UCLA home basketball game; and your donations will help to build it. To be very transparent, we considered not adding this idea to the sponsorship letter that was going out to the parent’s in Nashville but then we realized that was the opposite attitude to have. Tyger is a part of the family and a success story all wrapped up in one. He exemplifies what our ultimate goal is for every child in our program.  To be a success story on and off of the court. Yes, he attends UCLA and plays basketball but the story is much deeper than that. He received a full ride scholarship and he is pursuing a Business Administration degree with an emphasis on the music industry. He gets to play basketball and be a part of an amazing academic experience while he does so. We want kids in the area to get an opportunity to come take it all in, at a live game. It’s such an exciting opportunity and they will also get a chance to meet with the players. For our families back in Nashville or Iowa, you will be able to cheer him on from your living room. How cool will it be to see the “Tyger’s Den” as ESPN scans the crowd and you know that you helped to make it possible. For all the UCLA fans and alumni, you can rest assured that there will be some future Bruins in that den. 

f you believe in our program and you would like to see it continue to grow and help kids and families, please consider sponsoring or donating to our Hoops x Hope Foundation to further one or more of our program initiatives. Also, please spread and share this letter to other individuals or businesses who may be interested in helping a youth program like Handles x Buckets.  We are dedicated to positively enhancing the lives of kids and families through this wonderful game of basketball. It is a platform that we want to continue to use to change lives.

Feel Free To Click here to donate. We thank you in advance for your generosity

Click Here To Donate. We Thank You in Advance for Your Generosity

Donation Tiers

$65 - $200  Would cover skills clinic packages for one kid, 1 - 5 individual sessions, and lots of H x B Gear!

$250 Would cover one kid joining one of our seasonal leagues, one week of summer camp or 10 skills sessions

$500 Would cover two kids for leagues, two summer camps, two months of skills clinics, a whole new wardrobe  of H x B! 

$1000 Would cover one kid's spring/summer travel basketball season, one Gold Baller's Package, 5 weeks of summer camp for 5 kids or 1 week of summer camp for 5 kids

$2000 Would cover LOTS of stuff and help LOTS of kids

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