One-on-One Training

Group Skills Clinics

We offer 1 on 1 skills training: After an initial assessment we will take a player's  strengths and  weaknesses and formulate a customized training program to enhance the player's skill set.

Mobile Skills Clinic

We will travel to your location and take your players or team through an intense H x B workout. We will customize our drills to the expressed needs of the group.

Places and times of workouts will be scheduled on an individual basis based on athletes schedule

We encourage at least 2 - 3 times/week minimum for 1 -2 hours to maximize improvement.

We offer 1 hour clinics weekly:

Player's get drilled with our dribble pound series and our guaranteed moves to the basket

Competitive situations set up to allow foe immediate practice of skills learned

Drills that work on the details of the game that will give payers' the edge on offense

You will see improvements after ONE session!

Small Group Session

Up to 4 players training together in a group. Players get more reps and can work on partner and team concepts.